Luuna - Organic Cotton Topsheet Regular 29cm 10 pcs x 1

€ 16,95
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Luuna - Organic Cotton Topsheet Regular 29cm 10 pcs x 1

Luuna - Organic Cotton Topsheet Regular 29cm 10 pcs x 1

Prijs: € 16,95
€ 16,95 GRATIS verzending

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SummaryOur sanitary napkins do not contain:Our test and quality assuranceLuuna - Organic Cotton Topsheet Regular 29cm 10 pcs x 1 DescriptionThe LUÜNA Organic Cotton Night Pad; 29cm of super soft organic cotton, created with love by our team of healthy period enthusiasts.You describe Naked Moon's organic cotton sanitary napkins as "the softest and most comfortable." We listened to your needs and launched a 29cm sanitary napkin to protect your days with heavy traffic. Designed for you by our team that values healthy menstruation. What is special about Nakedyue Organic Cotton Night Sanitary Napkins? Our sanitary napkins: Surface layer: Imported and certified organic cotton by global organic textile standards, so it is completely free of man-made synthetics. When growing organic cotton, harmful pesticides and fertilizers are also used, and workers in the supply chain are treated fairly. It is hypoallergenic and does not irritate your vagina. Unlike non-organic sanitary napkins, it does not cause discomfort such as sensitivity and itching. Inner layer: Use decomposable natural high-absorbency wood pulp to protect the days of large and high flow.Certification: All Naked Moon products are FDA certified and SGC tested, so they can be used with confidence.Our sanitary napkins do not contain:Rayon, polyester fiber, pesticide residues, dyes, perfumes in traditional menstrual products.Our test and quality assuranceOur team will try it out on days with the most traffic to ensure that menstrual blood will not be leaked, and to keep our body away from harmful chemicals in traditional menstrual products.

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