Single-conducting Copper Foil Tape

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Single-conducting Copper Foil Tape

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High quality These copper conductive ribbons are copper. You are conductivity and electrical load and resistant against heat, moisture, chemicals, corrosion, oxidation and discoloration. EMI shield and RFI If you are tired of the buzzing and interference when you play your guitar, provide you with a quick solution. Copper Adhesive Ribbon With a powerful adhesive for EMI and RFI shielding, it can adhere to almost all clean surfaces. Bourding guitars to computer cables, copper tape is a quick and easy solution. Suitable for education and craftsmen The band is an ideal size for creating paper circuits, A fun and easy way to introduce children to electronics. Malleable ribbon with strong adhesive can be molded on most surfaces giving unlimited potential for craft projects. Multifunctionality can perfectly fill in the following functions: protection against electromagnetic interference, snails, Welding, stained glass, paper circuits, pedagogical brackets, electric repairs, home repairs, collage, decoration, manual work, etc. Size: 20mm * 30m Copper tape sheet, Copper Copper Ribbon, Band Shield, Copper Sheet Shield, for EMI Shielding, Electrial Repair Decoration, Plant Protection, Anti Escargot Feature: 1.Our ribbon has a Anti-oxidation, anti-tarnish, antistatic resistance, heat storage, thermal insulation, EMI shield, Anti-ultraviolet, fire, moisture and chemical corrosion resistance. 2. Simply slide a ring for your plants and copper to maintain Enir the snail in a natural way alone. With a side extra powerful adhesive, it can arise almost everywhere easily and is even in bad. 3.If you want to protect your technical devices from electromagnetic disturbances, cables of Appetizing guitar up to computer, The copper tape is a quick and easy solution. Specification: MATERIALS: Copper Foil Color: As shown Length: 30 m Width: 20 mm thickness: 0.05 mm Contents: 1 * Copper sheet band Note: 1.Please allow a slight difference in dimensions due to Different manual measures.

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