Win-slam Robot Cleaning Windows 2800pa

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Win-slam Robot Cleaning Windows 2800pa

Van Ecovacs

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€ 1.049,00 & GRATIS verzending

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Cleaning quad, enjoy a brilliant viewQuad system cleaning, clean without losing the hand, imitating the manual scraping circulation system, layer by layer.Wipe dust, scratch and then scrape, wipe, imitate manual cleaning of the windows,Everything is done, and the whole window is pushed layer by layer to reduce leakage and waste. Carefully select the cloth material to double the cleaning power. weaving technology twill is not easy to peel and not deforms after repeated cleaning; The five functional layers are responsible for their functions, good retention and strong pressure decontamination with laminated glass.The wool fiber layer is decontaminated, the PE film layer is packed with pressure, the sponge layer is laminated to glass, PE film layer is packed with pressure and wool layer is adhered to fix the glass .Speed ​​fast cleaning cloth near the surface, strong decontaminationThe thickness is perfect, without affecting the speed of the action. Two high quality scraping strips bend the effect of decontamination.The silicone wiping strip has a soft texture and is close to the glass surface for scraping the ash, which can gently remove spots and stains, avoiding to scratch the glass.With special cleaner, Lectra 10 types of stains.The special cleaner for the treasure of the window, adding active enzyme multiple effect and other ingredients, can effectively loosen stubborn stains and can clean 10 spots common with a cloth.Clean the windows against the edges and let the corners go.Based on common sense, it is not difficult to judge the round design is difficult to clean the corners and the square body design is more suitable for the window, achieving greater coverage window.WIN-SLAM algorithm, automatic innovation in planning windows WIN-SLAM algorithm, planning truly the window cleaning. After the match, quickly determine the shape and size of the window, plan independently the route on foot, avoid obstacles with sensitivity and automatically return to the original point after cleaning.In deep cleaning mode, the N + Z route is cleaner twice.heavy glass and dirty with a lot of dust is not clean again? Activate the depth mode N + Z to form a network rigopink cleaning and stains have nowhere to escape.Motor without digital brush,Strong adsorption and long life. By removing the blades, friction and wear are reduced, reducing the noise of work, maintenance costs and longer life.Intelligent and sensitive should avoid possible injury.Feel substantially retreat the edge and the frameless glass has no fear of falling and the plate surrounding the damper is disposed around the fuselage to reduce the impact on the window frame. 30-minute shutdown protection, even in the event of an accident. The built-in lithium battery can provide 30-minute battery life. Do not panic if the power is suddenly cut off. Even accidents have enough anti-fall measures.Operation with one button with one hand, convenient cleaning the windows anytime and anywhere. The handle of ergonomic design allows plug it with one hand, reducing the potential risks to segurança.O body is compact and lightweight, facilitating the use of the whole family. assisted remote assistance, remote wipe windows effortlessly. Beyond the control of the fuselage, you can also use the remote control to help remotely command the window of the treasure to move it and sit at your fingertips to enjoy the brilliant view.

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