Wild Rocket. Very Useful Salad Plant

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Wild Rocket. Very Useful Salad Plant

Wild Rocket. Very Useful Salad Plant

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Wild ROCKET \nRocket resembles a long leaved open headed lettuce. \nThis very useful salad plant is popular with today’s chefs. \nWidely used raw in salads but Wild Rocket is sometimes lightly cooked and served as a delicious substitute for spinach. \nIt has a rich, peppery taste and an exceptionally strong flavour for a leafy green. \nIn addition to the leaves, the flowers or Rocket are often used in salads as an edible garnish. \nThe young seed pods and mature seeds are all edible. \nWhen picking the young leaves of Rocket pick the whole row rather than just one or two plants, excessive picking at one or two plants tends to weaken them. \nAs the flower buds appear pinch them out to prolong cropping. \nWild Rocket is rich in vitamin C and potassium. \nLate summer sowings of Rocket will carry on cropping into the winter if the plants are given a little protection. \nTo give of its best Wild Rocket needs a rich, moisture retentive soil and partial shade. \nDetailed growing instructions are on the back of each packet \nPacket contains: 780 seeds approx. \nIMMEDIATE \n \nDesign and colouring of packets may occasionally vary. \nWe want you to be happy with your purchase and all our Rocket seed is checked and inspected visually before packing. . Due to the nature of the product we cannot accept any responsibility for failure after planting as pests, disease, poor horticultural practice, extremes of weather and many other factors outside our control all take their toll. Wild Rocket seed .  . Buyer in error.

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