Vimble2 4k 18cm Bluetooth Selfie Stick With 320 ° Rotation

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Vimble2 4k 18cm Bluetooth Selfie Stick With 320 ° Rotation

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€ 339,00 & GRATIS verzending

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Stabilizer retractable retractable stabilizer mobile 18CM.freely telescopic frame, manual extension rod 18 cm, freer timer, more comfortable to take pictures, wide range of framework, easy to incorporate into a good landscape.Shot vertical and horizontal, easy to switch. New equipment design, fast switching between horizontal and solid shooting, artifact-timer / live broadcast / tremor shooting.Lightweight design is flexible and convenient. It supports smartphones between 6.0 "(width 57 ~ 84mm), 200 g vertical load screen can be adapted to sports camera through the adapter plate and 210g horizontal screen charge can be used with the plug-in lens multifocal.The control of a key is easy to record blockbuster, born to photograph in mobile phones, stable and smooth picture experience, carries out the statutory function of a button successful shooting.Focus on details in fast experience to take the heart, add the trigger button, increase the device control sense during shooting through the quick setup, press and hold to lock the mode, release to restore the means of pre -block.Once the Bluetooth connection is successful, triple-click on the function key to directly use the stabilizer to control the shutter, quickly switch to the front shooting mode, manually adjust the center of gravity 320 ° and adjust the center gravity pulling the transverse arm of the motor.The ultra-strong engine is quiet and saves energia.O engine high energy saving torque developed independently by Feiyu has a strong power and is quiet while working. It can be equipped with various accessories such as fill light, external microphone lens and so on.Two-way power supply, battery life without worriesUp to 10 hours of battery life, the internal output port of the fuselage can charge mobile phone, mobile support energy and use it during charging.face tracking function, tap the screen to block face, release your hands and have more fun with the intelligent human-computer interaction.object lock functionUse your finger to gently frame your subject, deeply intelligent and follow the lock follower and easily follow the selected object.Time-lapse photography video time lapseThe video time-lapse compresses the time to get the experience of time passando.Três time-lapse technologies bring more dynamic visual effects.panorama photo with a key, continuous seam with a key of panoramic photos, wide-angle, beautiful scenery without blind spots, beauty filters want you to look goodThe application comes with a variety of filter editing functions, easy control of different styles, supports a range of beauty software and social circles.Appearance stable anti-shakeThe adaptive control algorithm ensures that the lens to function smoothly and the picture is smooth and nítida.Como photograph is the very editing and sharing in seconds, unique intelligent control of APP.Connect the camera application via Vicool to adjust the force of the motor / follow the speed, set / virtual remote sensing system / offline update that can be taken on site, transfer photos and videos to the mobile album, view, download and share the photos on your phone.

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