Um4107m 360 4.2l Independent Aromatherapy Fog Humidifier Intense Box

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Um4107m 360 4.2l Independent Aromatherapy Fog Humidifier Intense Box

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240ml / h large amount of mist, and hydrates quickly dispersed throughout the ultrasonic atomization sala.A sheet is oscillated ultrasonically to atomize water into ultrafine particles of 1-5 micron and then strongly moved by windblown deviceThe air flow diffuses water mist into the air. 240ml fine mist of water per hour are activated immediately to create a comfortable, damp house. Innovative design structure, no need to turn the water tank cover and add directlyWater, you can add water at any time when the start, humanized experience, saves time and effort. The direction of the mist can be adjusted through 360 ° so that the water can be dispersed uniformly, so that all around corners can be plated in the rolling fog and wet grass. Technology ultrasonic wind pressure + cross-flow, strong and high spray spread is wider, using millions of high frequency oscillations per second and wind pressure technology cross-flow, over high fog 50CM, the area spread is wider, the water mist rapidly vaporizes move silently moisturizing whole space. Adopt new materials and new technologies for R & D and design, the operation is more stable, noise is as low as 38dB, is silent as breathing and the amount of fog is activatedI can hardly hear the sound. Regardless of the study, work, rest, there is no interruption. A convenient built-in aromatherapy box, just add a few drops of essential oil on cotton pad, it can bring fragrance contínua.A From there, each breath is pleasure, soothing fatigue and mood. Large capacity 4.2 liter water tank, storing an abundant volume of water, bottled water equivalent to 21 bottles of 200 ml. After the water is added to the long-term hydration, the maximum fogging can continue to operate for 12 hours, avoiding the frequent addition of water. Support 4H timing function of 1H / 2H / 4H / 8H, touch the timer button, you can book the time of humidification and then automatically shut down, humidification is more worry-free. The large diameter water tank can be fully penetrated by hand, either the inner wall or the bottom, it can be easily cleaned and cleaning is more complete, so that the dirt is not to hide.

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