U-shaped Electric Toothbrush

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U-shaped Electric Toothbrush

Prijs: € 11,19
€ 11,19 GRATIS verzending

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(1) The toothbrush can 360 degree automaticly brush your teeth without hands. (2)4 Working Modes(Soft cleaning mode, powerful cleaning mode, massaging mode, and cold light whitening mode) You can adjust it by simply pressing the power switch. (3) Fully automatic toothbrush,innovative technology, can completely free hands when brushing,completely achieve all the teeth synchronization cleaning,greatly save the time of brushing, thus improve the efficiency of life. (4) Unique U-shape Bite Design:U-shaped bite is designed to fit the mouth shape,can clean the surface and interior of the teeth in all directions. (5) Body optimization, smaller, increased frequency, increased life of 10 days. (6) By wool encryption, cleanliness up to 99%. (7) Deep waterproofing,whole body wash without fear of water source. 3 Modes Tooth Whitening: Gentle mode: 36000 RPM Blue light daily teeth cleaning to protect the health of teeth Powerful model: 48000 RPM clean crevice brush away stubborn coloring The SPA model: 24000 RPM massage gums mouth more comfortable Specification: Type: Automatic Toothbrush Color: White,Pink Rated voltage: 3.2~3.7V Charging time: <90 minutes Working current: <1.6A Rated power: <5W Material: food grade silica gel Product size: 11.5*6*2.5CM Package List: 1 * Electric Toothbrush 1 * USB cable 1 * User Manual

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