Type-c Bluetooth Selfie Stick -4 ℃ ~ ℃ 45

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Type-c Bluetooth Selfie Stick -4 ℃ ~ ℃ 45

Van Zhiyun

Prijs: € 449,00
€ 449,00 & GRATIS verzending

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Control with a click to shoot blockbusterThe Smooth 4 adopts an operating design with complete keys to reduce the number of touch screens, shooting a button, toggle a button between the front and rear cameras, display with a button, a button to open the flash, panorama with a key and delay large scale with a key. You can control the camera's resolution, exposure compensation, and other parameters in real time during the firing process to obtain professional experience.smooth zoom for precise focusingSmooth innovative 4 wheel, follow focus, turn gently enlarge photos to enlarge close-up, enrich the lens; after pressing the follow focus button, the wheel's function is changed to follow the focus, you can adjust the virtual and real image, provide a more creative performance.Legal transition "Crazy Dog Mode"The Zhiyun Smooth 4 can instantly activate the engine's potential with one click and enter the "mad dog mode," allowing the cardan answer every detailed action extremely quickly. When you need to quickly move the stabilizer to capture the image, no need to worry about losing lens.Energy update does not answer the phoneThe power upgrade Zhiyun Smooth4 fully supports large cell phones. It can be equipped freely with more shooting accessories such as fill light, etc. external lens, so you can watch the shooting more scenes and display creativity shooting anytime, anywhere.Service life of the battery without worriesThe Zhiyun Smooth 4 lasts up to 12 hours, the power indicator shows the remaining devices in real time, the body uses advanced interface type C and Micro USB port of the tilt axis can directly load the phone. Both can work at the same time, two-way power supply, battery life without worries.Tracking and shooting objectsThe Zhiyun Smooth4 can not only shoot stable and smooth images, but also has a tracking shooting function very precisa.Os targets targets that can be tracked include, among others, human faces. Target and release your hands.Professional materials are lightweight and durableThe Zhiyun Smooth4 adopts composite polymer structure and ergonomic design to ensure the rigidity of the structure and make the lighter body. The surface is textured with hammer paint, non-slip photographic equipment, resistant to wear and more professional.The charm of the Hitchcock filmThe appearance of Zhiyun Smooth4 changed everything: without complicated skills of shooting, you can also use the Smooth4 to easily photograph the wonderful special effects Hitchcock zoom and get a lovely movie screen.Photography Encyclopedia time lapseThe Zhiyun Smooth 4 supports a variety of Games-lapse photography tempo.No filming process, you can use the Smooth Zhiyun 4 to perform static delay, delay movement and track delay to record the footprints of time and show the art the flow of time.The mode switching is simpleThe Zhiyun Smooth4 adopts a new mode of operation, the lever is on the left and right so the PF side and full lock mode is dialed on the side L. Press and hold the bottom button on the back to quickly enter the full monitoring mode .automatic lock standby storageThe innovative design buckle storage Zhiyun Smooth 4, just put the sauce on the horizontal automatically standby to prevent the power supply is accidentally switched on during storage, causing no load burning engine. Take it with you and take it freely.Highlights of community videosZY Play stabilizer video community built Leta The Club provides tutorials and detailed gameplay professional on the stabilizer to help you easily play the stabilizer, as well as the wonderful works of national and foreign photographers.

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