Thermostatic Cartridge For Harrington Brass 19-491-CAR 3/4\" Wall Mount Exposed Therm. Shower Valves

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Thermostatic Cartridge For Harrington Brass 19-491-CAR 3/4\" Wall Mount Exposed Therm. Shower Valves

Van Harrington Brass

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Product Includes: - Thermostatic Cartridge replacement compatible with Thermostatic Cartridge For HARRINGTON BRASS 19-491-CAR 3/4\" Wall Mount Exposed Therm. Shower Valves and all those on the list below.If you are experiencing problems with shower performance then the chances are that the valve cartridge will need replacing. The 19-491-CAR thermostatic cartridge is at the heart of the shower valve and all water passes through it.Problems caused by a faulty 19-491-CAR cartridge can include:1. The temperature of the water does not stay at a constant temperature, even though a constant feed of hot water is reaching the shower valve. This usually means the 19-491-CAR cartridge has seized up inside and will therefore need replacing.1. Water temperature is too hot, or too cold.2. Water temperature fluctuates up and down.3. The temperature handle is difficult to turn4. Water is leaking out of the valve from where the thermostatic cartridge is.5. The volume of water coming out of the shower is lower than it used to be. - . Replacing the thermostatic cartridge should restore your Harrington Brass Thermo Shower back to how it operated when new.This replacement cartridge is compatible with the following Harrington Brass Wall Mount Exposed Therm. Showers / 2 way 3/4\" Wall Diverter Valve.19-488THXXX Wall Mounted Exposed Thermostatic Shower ModelsHarrington Brass 19-488TH026Harrington Brass 19-488TH014Harrington Brass 19-488TH015Harrington Brass 19-488TH030Harrington Brass 19-488THPBLHarrington Brass 19-488THORBHarrington Brass 19-488THPBHarrington Brass 19-488TH060Harrington Brass 19-488TH070Harrington Brass 19-488TH073Harrington Brass 19-488THPEWTERHarrington Brass 19-488TH050Harrington Brass 19-488TH143Harrington Brass 19-488TH145Harrington Brass 19-488TH153Harrington Brass 19-488TH263Harrington Brass 19-488TH264Harrington Brass 19-488TH314Harrington Brass 19-488TH315Harrington Brass 19-488TH326Harrington Brass 19-488TH514Harrington Brass 19-488THORC19-489THXXX Wall Mounted Exposed Thermostatic Shower ModelsHarrington Brass 19-489TH026Harrington Brass 19-489TH014Harrington Brass 19-489TH015Harrington Brass 19-489TH030Harrington Brass 19-489THPBLHarrington Brass 19-489THORBHarrington Brass 19-489THPBHarrington Brass 19-489TH060Harrington Brass 19-489TH070Harrington Brass 19-489TH073Harrington Brass 19-489THPEWTERHarrington Brass 19-489TH050Harrington Brass 19-489TH143Harrington Brass 19-489TH145Harrington Brass 19-489TH153Harrington Brass 19-489TH263Harrington Brass 19-489TH264Harrington Brass 19-489TH314Harrington Brass 19-489TH315Harrington Brass 19-489TH326Harrington Brass 19-489TH514Harrington Brass 19-489THORC19-490THXXX Wall Mounted Exposed Thermostatic Shower ModelsHarrington Brass 19-490THORCHarrington Brass 19-490TH026Harrington Brass 19-490TH014Harrington Brass 19-490TH015Harrington Brass 19-490TH030Harrington Brass 19-490THPBLHarrington Brass 19-490THORBHarrington Brass 19-490THPBHarrington Brass 19-490TH060Harrington Brass 19-490TH070Harrington Brass 19-490TH073Harrington Brass 19-490THPEWTERHarrington Brass 19-490TH050Harrington Brass 19-490TH143Harrington Brass 19-490TH145Harrington Brass 19-490TH153Harrington Brass 19-490TH263Harrington Brass 19-490TH264Harrington Brass 19-490TH314Harrington Brass 19-490TH315Harrington Brass 19-490TH326Harrington Brass 19-490TH514Harrington Brass 19-490THORC19-491THXXX Wall Mount Exposed Thermostatic Shower/Tub ModelsHarrington Brass 19-491TH026Harrington Brass 19-491TH014Harrington Brass 19-491TH015Harrington Brass 19-491TH030Harrington Brass 19-491THPBLHarrington Brass 19-491THORBHarrington Brass 19-491THPBHarrington Brass 19-491TH060Harrington Brass 19-491TH070Harrington Brass 19-491TH073Harrington Brass 19-491THPEWTERHarrington Brass 19-491TH050Harrington Brass 19-491TH143Harrington Brass 19-491TH145Harrington Brass 19-491TH153Harrington Brass 19-491TH263Harrington Brass 19-491TH264Harrington Brass 19-491TH314Harrington Brass 19-491TH315Harrington Brass 19-491TH326Harrington Brass 19-491TH514Harrington Brass 19-491THORC19-492THXXX Wall Mount Exposed Thermostatic Shower / Tub / Hand Shower ModelsHarrington Brass 19-492TH026Harrington Brass 19-492TH014Harrington Brass 19-492TH015Harrington Brass 19-492TH030Harrington Brass 19-492THPBLHarrington Brass 19-492THORBHarrington Brass 19-492THPBHarrington Brass 19-492TH060Harrington Brass 19-492TH070Harrington Brass 19-492TH073Harrington Brass 19-492THPEWTERHarrington Brass 19-492TH050Harrington Brass 19-492TH143Harrington Brass 19-492TH145Harrington Brass 19-492TH153Harrington Brass 19-492TH263Harrington Brass 19-492TH264Harrington Brass 19-492TH314Harrington Brass 19-49

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