Smooth Q2 Aluminum Alloy Bluetooth Selfie Stick 20.4cm

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Smooth Q2 Aluminum Alloy Bluetooth Selfie Stick 20.4cm

Van Zhiyun

Prijs: € 524,00
€ 524,00 & GRATIS verzending

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Triple-click the stabilizer shutter button to enter the posture auxiliary ultra wide angle, solve the situation in some models of mobile phones (such as telephones with central camera etc.) mistakenly shoot the camera, meet the most framework needs and expand the line of sight.Small, no need to bend small simpler. Support recording and recording native camera JOS system and Android compatibleShoot with third-party applications, like face cameras of course, cameras are not others, and so on.Small, durableA new generation of energy-saving efficient algorithm with up to 17 hours on standby; the handle can be replaced by a battery design so that all stages of the shooting are not excessive; support for charging cell phones, two-way power supply, smooth shooting with confidence.Small FreeThe new generation of vertical shooting function can well control the creation of short video platforms needs and adapt to various scenes, such as webcasting and recording vlog.Small, easy to storeSmall size, convenient storage and easy travel.Smaller, more tricksNewly added global POV and three-dimensional dream mode, opening a new video field mobile, giving users more playability.Expected small and foldingThe gimbal has a built-in storage waiting latch that can easily enter the standby state by folding the transverse arm by activating the motor immediately after implantation and Bluetooth can be rapidly connected to use.Removing small, a secondThe clip design for mobile quick release, ready to use, can be removed at any time to be used to answer calls and entretenimento.A simple structure can be turned on immediately after the phone installation.Small, more creativeIt can perform the gameplay with Hitchcock lenses and create photo video time-lapse; You can take panoramic photos and try an advanced gameplay, such as tracking smart objects.Small, more likelyUse the ZYPLAY to improve photographic skills and find out more gameplay video; Leta Club meets the gameplay tutorials, wonderful VLOG, wellness information, etc.

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