Stainless Steel Quick Links Chain Fastener

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Stainless Steel Quick Links Chain Fastener

Prijs: € 16,94
€ 16,94 GRATIS verzending

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Made of quality stainless steel 304, never rust and able to bear heavily, S:10mm; A: 12.5mm; B: 21mm; L: 91mm This hook has a screwable catch to allow for a quick and simple link of chains, smooth screw operation to securely close and lock An efficient way to connect, temporarily and permanently solution for easy connect ropes, chains or webbing Ideal for boating, camping, hiking and other indoor and outdoor activities, neccesary to keep as an assortment kit in your car or boat Turn clockwise to disconnect, safe and reliable choice Specification: The length "10mm" is referring to the diameter of steel ring thickness. Breakload of 10mm carabiner: 2600 kg/ 5732 lbs Package Includes: 1 piece quick link

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