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Pvg Negative Ions Hair Dryer 1800w

Van Sushi

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Suzuki hairdryers have new updates and quick-drying hair dryers negative ions to explore the new experience of hair blowing. High wind speed and quick drying | F German Design Award | The entire upper body in aluminum alloy and has a different life redesigned beauty. Breaking the traditional concept of embedded technology, the sushi hairdryer integrates the Japanese aesthetic concept, simple silver, white and sparkling with a red highlight, has a modern sense; integrated, complete machine designSeamless, screwless, with strong lines and vivid, expressing the pioneering attitude. When you look at it, you can feel the deep meaning of the technology inside.The stylish men wear simple things, all aluminum alloy barrels remodel aestheticsThe object's texture is the texture of life. Unlike traditional ABS plastic casing, Suzuki hair dryers are manufactured from aluminum alloy materials with high brightness metal body custo.O transmits an improved quality of life, effectively reducing the temperature of the hair dryer during use and avoiding the heat.innovative diversion project is comingBased on the deviation innovative structure, the sushi achieves greater volume of air. Through the conical flow guide designed the air outlet network, its external diameter gradually increases along the direction of the wind and diverge gradually under the action of the conical flow guide, greatly reducing the resistance. The storm is coming.The secret of the blade of the super big strong airflow fanThe large volume of air is inseparable from the choice of blades and fan motors. The higher the blade fan, the greater the required aerodynamic power, which can boost a stronger airflow. The extra large fan blades Halting the project, along with a powerful DC motor, can significantly increase air outlet. Feel the storm together 1800W high-powerThe combination of softness and stiffness. 1800W, care softer hair that 2200W, stronger and faster than 1000W, it's just a good power. With the premise of not hurt the hair, dry quickly enough to save you time precioso.O next moment is going out on a date and go trabalhar.Neste moment, it is just that dry.Tens of millions of negative ions of high concentration are as hydrated.Imagine enjoying the flexibility of the anion every day. The Sus hair dryer produces two output channels of millions of levels, high concentration of negative ions to the display layer, to maintain moisture and shine, frizz, static electricity, all the steps. A beautiful experience of the ideal hair, starting today.The rotary air nozzle 360 ​​blows its beautyChange your mood, it is best to start with a hairstyle. Suzuki designed a removable air collecting nozzle which can turn 360 ° and has a long and flat shape, concentrating the wind to blow his favorite hairstyle. straight hair or curly, full of vitality every day. The diffuser makes the tuyere and longer lasting curls macios.O specially designed uniformly diffuses the air flow to all parts of the cluster. To dry the curls, it can help smooth the frizz, easily complete the style at home and enjoy the experience of a private hairdresser.Switch of a button according to the temperature you need, three temperature options, switch at will. While satisfying various needs of hair care, the operation is simpler. Choose warm wind in winter and the natural wind in the summer. Constant temperature is suitable throughout the year. comfortable temperature, wind comfortable. Full sense of security comes from double-loop control temperatura.O protection protects against wind Sus security protection device superaquecimento.O uses a thermostat imported from South Korea and a fuse used to detect abnormal temperatures to prevent comprehensively the wind from overheating and protect the hair scales. Injured.The anti-tip burn dual layer is designed to not cause air outlet preocupações.A adds heat isolamento.O layer does not come into direct contact with the outer layer of the nozzle.Tuyere spiral distributes heat evenly throughout the aluminum alloy body, not hot to cool, ergonomically designed handle, comfortable to holdPVC power cable 1.7 m in length can be stored.Comes with a suitcase, traveling with you, the package comes with a suitcase in black suede cord with cord, travel, home life, storage is very simple.

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