Collapsible Water Container 10l

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Collapsible Water Container 10l

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Food Grade Material: This collapsible water container is made of high quality eco-friendly PE, food safe, eco-friendly, non-toxic, free of BPA, PVC or DEHP, no smell of plastic PVC, no artificial taste of water. Enjoy the raw sweetness of water without the annoying plastic PVC smell with this portable water container. LIGHTWEIGHT, PORTABLE AND REUSABLE DESIGN: This collapsible water container has a soft shape and an innovative design of accordion creativity, making it original and elegant. It is ultra-light, compact and space-saving, weighing only 0.3 kg for easy transport and a maximum water capacity of 10 liters. Pack this water bottle in your backpack or vehicle and be ready for your outdoor activities Adjustable and leak-proof: our water tank features a faucet with adjustable water flow control, and thanks to an innovative leak-proof faucet design, you Can be stored and transported easily and easily watered. Adjust the faucet, press the top of the kettle lightly, and the cold water will flow out. No need to lift the bulky tank of almost 4.5kg and take all the weight when dumping. MULTIFUNCTIONAL - This portable water tank is perfect for outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, hiking and more. Also, it allows you to quickly and easily store large amounts of water to meet all your family's needs in the event of an emergency or disaster such as a hurricane, tornado, flood, drought, etc. Adjustable faucets help direct drinking and save water without wasting valuable resources. Please keep at least 1 pack in the survival kit Note: When screwing on the cap, make sure the female thread lock fits tightly with the faucet cap, otherwise water may leak. In case of water leakage, please try several times when tightening until the seal is good. Space-saving and reusable collapsible water carriers have many practical advantages. It is easy to clean and maintain. It is cheaper and lighter than regular glass or hard plastic containers. Other favorite beverages can also be stored and released. Perfect for outdoor camping, RV, hiking, backpacking, fishing, hunting, mountain climbing, BBQ, picnic and more. It is lightweight and takes up minimal space when needed. Perfect for storing water for cleaning dishes, hygiene and sinks, drinking or storing other beverages you like. Made of high quality food grade plastic without the smell of plastic PVC, it is safe enough to store enough clean water in daily life, such as straight from the refrigerator. Emergency Survival Kit After a hurricane, water is everything, but storing it isn't easy. That's why collapsible water containers are so important for natural disasters. It is lightweight and reusable.

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