Ipx4 Pp Led Uv Sterilization Electric Smart Cover Sanitary Tape

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Ipx4 Pp Led Uv Sterilization Electric Smart Cover Sanitary Tape

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The hot tap water is hygienic and comfortable for washing, ie, supply of hot water at constant temperature | Comfortable washing / female washing, standard PP cotton filter with double nozzle automatic cleaning.Water supply with constant and instant temperature, rapid heating of the living water is more hygienic. The Smart Cover Zhimi the bathroom uses a water heating system with instantaneous heating cerâmica.A freshwater source is heated to a comfortable temperature at the time it touches you, and the water temperature can always be stable when washed continuously for a long period of time.Massage with hot and cold water, without rubbing, but to clean.Massage warm and comfortable cold temperature up to 4 levels of water, adjusting the water pressure and alternative cleaning function, allow for comfort and cleanliness.The clothing gentle woman is adjusted freely and cleaning of underwear is not more complicated.The Smart Cover Zhimi the bathroom allows women to easily solve the problem of clean underwear when they need it and keeps hygienic anytime during special periods. The water flow from the shower bath with gentle type function may control the temperature, pressure and position of the water ad libitum.The standard external filter makes the healthiest source of water.Considering the peculiarity of the local water use, we include in the package a cotton filter external PP, which can filter out impurities such as sand, limestone etc. The filtered water is more hygienic to the bath water.Sterilization self cleaning / UV in tap water, the antibacterial rate exceeds 99% *.Before washing, the water flow completely annular clean the nozzle; after leaving the seat, ultraviolet rays effectively eliminate impurities in the nozzle. The toilet lid Zhimi will remain always clean, ensuring each discharge may protect their health.Adjust the temperature of the seat 4-speed, comfortable seating and safe.Wherever you sit, you will be surrounded by the warmth of the toilet. The seat ring embedded sensor can detect the sitting state in real time and adjust the temperature slightly in time to prevent skin burns at low temperature. We hope to deal with all close contacts with you in a more familiar way.The key panel carefully designed facilitates the start.The easy to use control panel allows any function to be easily accessed. You do not need to spend time studying, you can reach when you need it.The comfortable details of the design makes it easy to use.See Weizhishu, an excellent smart toilet lid, derived from all the details of comfort and safety.The LED light illumination is convenient for night use and avoids affecting family members. The whole machine is IPX4 waterproof, splash proof,It is safe and reliable for everyday use, and the cover plate / seat ring slowly descends to prevent the seat ring to fall rapidly and produce a harsh sound.Security guarantee: in case of emergency, the plug leakage protection immediately interrupts the power supply.

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