Ipx4 Pp 33 ° C-35 ° C Led Smart Electrical Sanitary Cover Tape 900cc

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Ipx4 Pp 33 ° C-35 ° C Led Smart Electrical Sanitary Cover Tape 900cc

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The instantaneous supply of hot water with constant temperature is more hygienicThe double heater heating module is used to instantly heat the water to a cold water temperature comfortable.The temperature can also be kept stable during long term continuous discharge, which overcomes the deficiencies of the heat storage products that are likely bacteria and unstable water temperature.Boost Ultra CleanChoose several washing modes without clearing and cleaning, using the heating conversion technology and high frequency conversion flow 900cc, concentrated water flow without losing softness, you can choose a variety of cleaning modes according to your needs , female shower PopINK cleaning, water flow smoother, ultra-clean enjoy rinse. The standard filter provides a source of water saudável.Um more external PP cotton filter is included in packaging for filtering impurities such as sediment and filtered water is more hygienic incrustações.A the water bath. Give you better.The self-cleaning and sterilizing nozzles fall for lasting cleaning experienceBefore washing, the water flow cleans the spray head through; after leaving the seat, the head of the sterilization technology ultraviolet spray effectively eliminates bacteria from the head of the spray, providing meticulous care to family members.The seat ring is automatically heated in the winter and the seat is also comfortable.The seat ring somatosensory sensor is provided with adaptive technology that can intelligently detect the temperature of the skin as it changes.The seat ring is adapted to adaptively comfortable body temperature, followed by hot air drying and heat, and the temperature of hot air is adjustable four stages.Protecting eight layers is safe with eight layers of protection against electrical leakage, overheating and high pressure, and is rigopinkmente controlled at all levels to be a family guardian.The curved surface design in 3D, the thin wing design, fits over the curve of the hip and is still comfortable to sit for a long time.soft light at nightIt is not necessary to turn on the lights when going to the bathroom at night, and the ultra-low power consumption LED provides smooth and pleasant orientation.The whole machine is waterproof IPX4 water, splash proof, safe and reliable, and the cover / seat is lowered slowly to avoid falling fast.Dismantling of a button, dismantle button on the side of a button, easy and fast operation.

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