Euonymus Sunspot. Evergreen Bittersweet.

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Euonymus Sunspot. Evergreen Bittersweet.

Euonymus Sunspot. Evergreen Bittersweet.

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Euonymus SUNSPOT \nRaised around 1980 and also called Evergreen Bittersweet or Spindle Tree and sometimes known as Goldspot. \nA small, compact, evergreen shrub with dark green leaves heavily splashed with bright golden yellow. \nCarried on yellow stems the leaves of Sunspot are about 2 inches long, oval in shape, have a slightly leathery feel, are toothed along the edge and sometimes tinged red on the underside in winter. \nExcellent when used as ground-cover but if given support can also be encouraged to climb. \nGreat plant for a problem area. \nEasy to grow, Euonymus Sunspot will thrive in almost any site, even heavy clay or drought prone sandy soils. \nFull sun or shade is not a problem and Sunspot is even drought tolerant when established. \nCan withstand temperatures down to -15C making it fully hardy in the UK although a little shelter from cold drying winds is appreciated. \nThe attractive evergreen foliage of Sunspot provides valuable all year round interest in the garden. \nAll pictures used are of mature plants and are for illustration purposes only, they may not reflect plants at all times of the year. \nOur Euonymus plants are supplied ex. 9cm pots, they can be planted out immediately but better results may be obtained if they are grown on for a short time in a slightly larger container before transplanting to their final growing positions. \nView some of the many other shrubs we stock via this \nPACK 1 PLANT \nIMMEDIATE \n \nWorld Plants have a very informative article on this plant. \nPlease remember plant maintenance within our nursery is absolutely essential and means we need to prune back some items at certain times of the year to help maintain shape and encourage new growth. \nWe ask all our buyers to remember Euonymus are living plants and their appearance changes with the seasons.  Please don’t panic if the plant you receive looks different to the image on the website. This is quite normal and not a matter for any worry or concern, it is likely to be in perfect condition for the time of year. Particularly in autumn and winter many shrubs will lose their leaves and look rather bare, gaunt and stick-like and from August onwards many perennial plants may not even be showing above the soil.\n\n We want you to be happy with your purchase and all our Euonymus are checked and inspected visually before packing. . Due to the nature of the goods we cannot accept any responsibility for their failure after planting as pests, disease, poor horticultural practice, extremes of weather and many other factors outside our control all take their toll. Euonymus Sunspot . . .

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