D07 10inch Ahd + Dual Recording Hd Parking Monitoring Driving Recorder Camera Ips

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D07 10inch Ahd + Dual Recording Hd Parking Monitoring Driving Recorder Camera Ips

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Streaming Media Recorder 70 May, a new form of streaming media.Update the original rearview mirror of the car. The interior rearview mirror enters the streaming media age. The rear view camera is used to transmit road conditions in real time behind the car. It will not be interfered with by occlusion of the back row, rain and fog and strong light and dim at night to ensure safety while driving.total binding technology, most innovative materials in the industry, innovative technology in the industry, the outer layer of high-gloss silver mirror is fully connected to the inner layer of the screen, only for the best display effect, to prevent display of ghosts and reject interference dust.comprehensive IPS big screen, automatic display brightness adjustment, full screen IPS 10-inch, Fine image analysis, automatic display brightness adjustment, beautiful perception of natural light, intelligent adjustment of the perception of light during night driving, without affecting the driver's view.Waterproof, rain-proof and anti-fog, clear images when driving on rainy days, the rear camera adopts body coating technology, IP67 waterproof, dripping and sliding. The design of the structure of the rain drop angle prevents the influence of splashing water, and clearly shows the road conditions on rainy days.The bright light suppresses glare and reduces interference of the high beam brightness. The rear-drive lens module uses special craft materials and targeted algorithms that can effectively weaken the strong stimulation of light, clearly show the road conditions at night, make strong light softer and not be afraid of headlights.The video image is transmitted at the speed of light and there is no delay in post-gravação.Ela display is equipped with a full blood Hisilicon Hi3556V200 processor and AHD + technology to ensure no delay in image transmission.Change to easily track and what you see is the actual scene. Sony IMX307, flagship rear lens. The night view of the starlight illuminates the darkness. The fully updated configuration of the rear camera, equipped with Sony IMX307 sensor, apply to night vision function * Starlight STARVIS the rear camera, improves the sensitivity of visible light and allows photos in dark environments such as nights and Bright tunnels and clear .The viewing angle is adjusted adaptively and the car gives automatically reverse.For mirrors and reverse scenes, the image viewing angle can be adjusted adaptively, and auxiliary line reverse pattern will help to put in the library.The body can be pulled out and the size can be manually adjusted according to the mirror size of the original car. Turn to adjust the lens, the lens can be rotated 360 °, the angle adjustment according to different needs.A sense of security before and after the parking monitoringAfter entering the parking monitoring mode, the integrated sensor continuously monitors the vehicle's parking status. If an abnormal situation, such as a body collision is detected, the front and rear cameras are connected and automatically recorded at the same time and request the verification of abnormality when the machine is turned on next time.The emergency registration collision induction restores the truthThe default display is repeated and the previous video is automatically overwritten when the storage is full. The camera automatically records the emergency video before and after the emergency situation, such as bump in the road and other triggers, and saves the emergency video along with the video before the trigger to keep the time the main evidence before and after the incident .The time-lapse photography fits easily in 24 hours of videoAfter parking, you can start the time-lapse recording of one frame per second for long-term continuous monitoring. The storage space required to record 24 hours of video is just 1/30 of the common recorded video, which is convenient to quickly visualize the vehicle status and environmental changes during the parking period.HD rear camera 70 May streaming media, 1080P waterproof and HD.The resolution comes to 1080P, wide angle of 120 degrees, covering more area behind the car; waterproof and anti fog, can capture clear shots on rainy days, making it easier to drive on rainy days.70m rear camera with night vision streamingThe night vision wide angle is clearerSensor integrated Sony, night vision function Starlight improves the performance of night photography. 1080P full HD resolution, super wide angle of 135 degrees, easy to shoot in three lanes; rain and fog, strong suppression of light, better streaming experience.

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