Cat Dog Pet Electric Fountain | Cat ()

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Cat Dog Pet Electric Fountain | Cat ()

Prijs: € 89,00
€ 89,00 GRATIS verzending

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Cat Dog Pet Electric Water Fountain | Cat Drinking Supplies (black) Product selling point. Ceramic cat water dispenser is durable and not easily scratched. Made of non-toxic materials, it is safe to use. Simple construction and design is easy to disassemble and clean, no place for bacteria to grow, making this pet water fountain a more hygienic choice than other water fountains. Featuring an upgraded ultra-quiet pump that won't disturb you or your pet's rest. If the sound becomes louder it means the water level is low, please remember to add water. The sound of gurgling water makes your home more invigorating. The recirculating filtration system aerates the water, increasing oxygen and freshness. A flowing water source encourages your pet to drink more water instead of still water. Helps prevent urinary and kidney disease in your adorable pet. (Remember not to put too much hose overhead or the water will overflow when the pump is working). Shows off the uniqueness of your home. Ceramic will attract your pet's curiosity to drink more water. The thick bottom is not easily knocked over. In addition, this pet water dispenser can be used as a home decoration. Specifications. Material: Ceramic. Size: 17.5 17.5 15cm. Package :1 set of pet water dispenser. Instructions for use. Step 1: Open the pump housing and put in 1 PSC Fliter. STEP 2: Connect the hose to the pump. STEP 3: Connect the other end of the hose to the head. STEP 4: Adjust the speed of water flow. STEP 5: Install the rosette head to the body of the water feature fountain. Tips. 1. Before use, please use water to thoroughly rinse the filter, clean the pet water fountain, keep the water fresh. 2. Every 2 days to clean the pump, the life of the fountain is essential. 3. The ceramic is heavy, please take care to avoid breaking. Caution. 1. Do not put too much hose on the head, otherwise water will flow out when the pump is working. 2. If the sound becomes louder, it means the water level is low, please add water.

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