Bms Aluminum Alloy Folding Electric Bicycle 38km

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Bms Aluminum Alloy Folding Electric Bicycle 38km

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Prijs: € 1.749,00
€ 1.749,00 & GRATIS verzending

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podepink micro lithium battery and smart light body made of aluminum alloy for aircraft, the frame weight is only 1.68 kg, the compact body is better than an ordinary bicycle. Support to control mobile phone, allowing users to experience a simpler life.Aviation aluminum material 13.4KGclimbing angle: 12 degreesLoad 120KGResistance: 35-42KMThe P1F has excellent overall performance and it is a wise choice for family members. PIF such as third generation micro-lithium battery in the world of Lexington, greatly improved comfort, durability, acceleration, etc. compared to P1APP captures vehicle information with one hand, intelligent self-test, no problems, no variable, static and mobile speedCruise on the car level constante.Depois speed that the vehicle maintains a constant speed for 3 seconds, the vehicle enters the cruise accelerator constante.O speed can also be advanced at a constant speed, which saves more energy.The P1F framework light and custom lightweight aluminum alloy for aviation adopts opening independent mold and shape has the national design patent (patent number: 4543513584). The aluminum alloy for aircraft frame is lighter than ordinary batteries and lithium its durability is greatly improved.copper core motor with permanent magnet brushless, the power of the new engine is greatly enhanced compared to the power of the first generation.The intelligent BMS battery cell management system is known as baterias.Por housekeeper through monitoring and managing the process of charging and discharging of battery cells, the battery life is greatly enhanced.The high quality lithium battery pack method adopts honeycomb to strengthen the impact resistance of the cell and is sealed with an insulating layer to effectively prevent aging of the cell.The multifunction dual lamp beads light up your night.double disc brakes front and rear, distance shorter braking.The cushion soft and hollow car is comfortable and does not accumulate water.The back is no longer afraid of splashing water and scope splash proof is increased.Small effort, big surprise, intelligent management of the BMS battery, vertical handlebars, safety shield 2.0 thick breathable padSpeed: 20km / hBattery life: 23KMclimbing angle: 12 degreesCharging time: 4HEngine power: 350Wspeed mode: 2 filesDrum brake of the rear wheel, the front wheel brake V, short circuit protection, overload protection, tiresThe intelligent management system BMS battery cell, such as battery housekeeper, always protects the battery cell, prevents the transition load cell or the transition of electricity and improves effectively the battery life.It adopts the lithium battery with power 18650 and adopts an independent grid scheme, which has less attenuation and high durability.Using a power 350W motor, torque of up to 18N-M. The engine is stamped resistant steel, with a longer life and greater resistance to wear, and torque is more powerful: to users with 160 pounds weight can easily climb the slope of 12 °.Extend the fender semi-packed to increase the area and prevent the wheel spray water.Little P can be used as output power source to charge the phone via USB, which is convenient for the owner to use navigation in mobile maps, music publishing and other energy-consuming functions.The soft, thick hollow seat is breathable and higiênico.O P1S seat adopts a flow direction of design and a central hollow treatment, which not only improves the breathability of the seat, but also effectively accelerates the water splashing on the seat.The car does not hit the front and removable pedal

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