Bluetooth 5.0 Camera Stabilizer 25.2v Dc-in 55 °

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Bluetooth 5.0 Camera Stabilizer 25.2v Dc-in 55 °

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€ 2.199,00 & GRATIS verzending

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stronger update engine loadstronger engine technology, torque and speed increased response, peak load of up to 6.5 kg, strong force is not limited to SLR stage.algorithm update, accurate and smoothThe stability control algorithm of the ninth generation honeycomb optimizes the experience enough. It is used for heavy machinery and professional scenes. The answer is faster and more accurate. Can support the resistance and the inertia of the wind on high-speed movement, resist quickly to the dynamic shift caused by the movement and make the picture more smooth and soft.Performance DC-IN BlessingProvides external power supply connection, which can provide power directly to the driveshaft via the DC-IN connection. With the balance of shielding box, it supports peak input voltage 25,2V injects increasing kinetic energy in the motor, supports long battery life and enables the mode "Mad Dog" normal And follow shot with enthusiasm.Removable handle, useful. Simply lifting strap saves labor and is effective, and can easily switch between multiple takes high and low angle; detachable design changes the stabilizing method of attachment and at the same time, can mount the lifting fittings litter alone.control handle for lifting vesselDesign double safety lock, convenient to control the function parameters of the stabilizer and camera, the creative shooting is more useful.Several expansions adapt to moreThe body provides apertures 2 3/8 and 3 1/4 holes, a simple lifting strap * 3 1/4 and 1 3/8 holes in length, you can ride over shooting accessories, can also Used with Wagon , rocker and flying cat. complete capture of switches from various angles and far-reaching, unlock more stunning photos.The arm of the modular shaft is more compatibleThe extensible shaft arm design is adopted, and the default setting may extend the roll shaft arm module to expand the installation space, which is convenient to carry a greater combination of camera and lens, and the length is free and more compatible.The wide-angle 55 ° does not cover the screenThe bevel design to 55 ° does not cover the screen, which is convenient for monitoring, leaving a larger space for installation and cut, so that the stabilizer can be equipped with a great combination of shots.lock security update without gapsThe locking scheme of three axes with no gaps, either trimming or storing, is almost zero swing, as stable as Mount Tai. At the same time, several locking configurations are adopted in various modular airframe interfaces to provide full protection for shooting, safe, stable and reliable.Universal quick assembly is easy to operateThe universal design of the quick release plate of Manfrotto facilitates rapid switching between multiple devices. With the new lock design, the difficulty of leveling is simplified, the preparation time for shooting is greatly reduced and the operation is faster and more convenient to help you quickly enter the state of shooting.exclusive customization for dual focusServo double external focus; support for large unique lens, faster and more convenient to install, supports simultaneous zoom and follows the focus operation.flexible switching of the three controls systemUsing the scale armor image transmission set *, the stabilizer can be controlled remotely and wirelessly, regardless of individual creativity or team setting, the output can be completed in a lightweight and flexible way. With the stabilizer, it can perform the control of the stabilizer, control APP mobile phone, remote control sensor scale equipment control handles * 3 Control MethodsViaTouch 2.0By monitoring the remote screen, the cell phone or the remote control lever with scale armor sensor can be used to control and operate the recording, adjusting the parameters of the stabilizer and the camera.somatosensory system visibleBreak the traditional dilemma of the "image of the blind person" with the scale armor image transmission set "for a visual somatosensory solution, either using a cell phone or a remote control handle of scale armor of the body," you can monitor the screen while the bodily sensation, helping to shoot smoothly Yun JingThe setting of the remote focus is sensitive and adjustableThe scale armor image transmission assembly * can complete control of the focal length of the remotely focus through ZYPLAY or remote scale armor sensor, and the sensitivity of the supports focus control custom adjustment to help you recording movies at the professional level.Suitable for: Sony a9, a7R4, a7R3, a7M3, a7R2, a7M2, a7S2 ,, 36600, A6500, 36400, a6300, a6100 FS7M2, FS5, FX9, Z280; PanasonicG9, GH5 GH5S ,, S1, SIH; Canon1DX2, 5D3, 5D4, 5DS, 5DSR, 6D, 6D2, 80D, 90D, EOSR, EOS RP, G200, C300; NikonZ6, Z7, Z50, D850.

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