Car Sunshade Retractable Windshield

€ 26,95
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Car Sunshade Retractable Windshield

Prijs: € 26,95
€ 26,95 GRATIS verzending

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Specifications: 1.Upgraded and enlarged suction cup is firm and stable, four-point fixing, suction cup has better stability and stronger adsorption force, and can be used repeatedly. 2.The product is small and exquisite, easy to store. Upgrade double-wire box support without collapse. 3.Adopting double-wire box four-point fixing adsorption fan-shaped fold design and multi-angle reflection aluminum foil surface for good heat insulation and shading effect. 4.Outer layer of aluminized film, inner layer of photocatalyst, reflective aluminum foil, fan-shaped design, reflecting sunlight, heat insulation, temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. 5.With 5cm of reserved space at both ends, it can be cut freely according to the size and hobby of the front windshield of your car. Product : Upgrade single-line box double suction cup free post-range 46 cm - universal model Upgrade single-line box double suction cup free front file 65 cm - for cars Upgraded two-line box four suction cups free of the front file 70 cm - for off-road vehicles SUV Product material: outer aluminum foil inner photocatalyst Suitable for models: universal Product features: sun protection, heat insulation, waterproof, windproof, snowproof, antifreeze, scratch resistance.

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