12inches Mini Tape Human Yellow Hair Extensions For Women

€ 27,95
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12inches Mini Tape Human Yellow Hair Extensions For Women

12inches Mini Tape Human Yellow Hair Extensions For Women

Prijs: € 27,95
€ 27,95 GRATIS verzending

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Length & Weight:12" 30cm, 1.25g/strand, 20pcs=25grams,14" 35cm, 1.25g/strand, 20pcs=25grams,16" 40cm, 1.5g/strand, 20pcs=30grams,18" 45cm, 2.0g/strand, 20pcs=35grams20" 50cm, 2.0g/strand, 20pcs=40grams,22" 55cm, 2.25g/strand, 20pcs=45grams,24" 60cm, 2.5g/strand, 20pcs=50grams.About quality and usage time 100% high-quality human hair, salon quality, no tangles, no shedding. The hair feels smooth and soft. Our tape extensions can be curled at will. Tape extension can last more than 3 months, take care of it carefully. The hair can be used for a longer time if it is well maintainedAbout tape use and replacementThe tape made in Italy is very strong, double-sided, reusable, high-quality tape. You can change the tape when needed. It is easy to install or remove the tape in the extension, and provide additional replacement tape.Application SuggestionIf you have short hair( less than shoulder length), want to add length & volume, buy 4 lots please ( 80 pieces )If you have long but thin hair, want a more volume look, buy 2-3 packs please (40-60 pieces )If you want a highlight/balayage ombre look or just adding hair volume, buy 1 pack please ( 20 pieces )Reminder: 10 pieces are not recommended, usually more than 20 pieces of hair will be better

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