12inch 1296p F1.5 Ips Adas Driving Recorder Camera Hs996c

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12inch 1296p F1.5 Ips Adas Driving Recorder Camera Hs996c

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€ 259,00 & GRATIS verzending

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golden ratio 12-inch rear-view mirror MAX Media streaming, intelligent voice control, front and rear screen, large aperture F1.5, clean and eliminate dead areas blind corners. It is hard to resist the transparent giant screen "giant" of 11.88 inches.The recorder adopts a giant screen design 12-inch adaptable in length and width. completely restore the driving environment, reduce the distortion of the recording effect,It fits better in the mirrors of the car. front and rear display the same screen, high-definition IPS. The large LCD IPS screen high definition can display the conditions of the front and rear road simultaneously on separate screens, and large screen can also display the images front or rear of the car separately, free choice and smooth driving. Streaming media giant screen, clears dead corners and eliminate blind spots. Using streaming media technology in high definition, the lens comes with algorithm, transmitting images in real time, without fear of rain and fog, night and back occlusion.blockbuster HD recording, lens 6 flagship glasses. Equipped with emblematic image sensor, full HD 6 glass lens, lens F1.5 large aperture, light autofill evening, quality light and delicate image. night vision shot Starlight of course, is not afraid of the dark night.Night view of large aperture increases the amount of light the lens in a bright environment, to achieve the effect of improving the image quality. high-definition screen, rear view in seconds. Properly connect the camera back HD. When the vehicle is in gear and reverse gear, the screen will automatically switch to reverse mode and support the line aft aid. emblematic chips, starting with the core, the future can be expected. The new solution is born to stability, can support 64G memory card, lower power consumption, faster operation, full restoration of all services, video picture perfect in every detail sharper and smoother.Touch to adjust the field of view for larger view. The wide-angle provides a wider field of view. You can adjust the field of view by sliding your finger up and down on the screen. ADAS steering assistance direction to avoid risks. While the vehicle is driving, the device checks the line of the track information and vehicle ahead. When the vehicle deviates from the original track, the system can detect and judge quickly and sound an alarm to remind the driver. parking monitoring 24 hours, waiting for your car all day. With the step-down line dedicated Lingdu, it can perform the dark line, connect to the normal power to make the car 24-hour monitoring and follow your car. emergency recording, built-in collision sensor. The built-in gravity sensor will automatically stop the video recording when it detects sudden situations, such as collision and severe vibration, and is not covered by loop recording. New recording loop, saving more memory.Supports cyclical video recording 16G / 32G / 64G. After the vehicle is started, it automatically turns on and enters the working state recording; when the memory card is full,The machine will automatically replace the previously recorded video for the new video.

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